STEMreps is currently invested in the following technological areas:

Ambient temperature storage, handling, and transport DNA/RNA
Storage Cabinets, Tracking software
Tubes, plates, Ahlstrom Cards, FTA papers that store and preserve body fluids and nucleic acids with no cold chain.

Stem Cell Research
Stem cell reprogramming
Highly viable 3D Cell printing
Tissue Regeneration
Anatomically correct cell models

Food, Drug, Water Testing
Quick and accurate unknown sample identification
Easy and extensive Cannabis Quality Control for Labs, Growers, and Retail Chains
Drug Toxicity Studies using anatomically correct cell models
Radiometric Detection

Highly accurate and precise DNA sonication
DNA Microarraying
Cancer Research
SNP differentiation

Pharmacy Automation
Secure and safe pill dispensing and tracking
Pouch Packaging for facilities and for retail pharmacies
Automated Script Verification

Antimicrobial Solutions
Water based, alcohol free Hand Sanitizer that protects for 24 hours
Surface Germicidal that protects all porous or non-porous surfaces from microbes for up to 90 days

Home Health and Personal Care Services
Home Health Care Aides and nursing assistants
Licensed Massage Therapists
Non-emergency Medical Transportation

Automated Protein Digestion
Chromatography columns and resins for size exclusion, buffer exchange, ion exchange, desalting, and more
Automated colony picking and spotting for LC and MS Prep, Cell, Protein, DNA microarraying
Protein Crystallization
Cancer Research and Radiometric Detection