Whether you’re a STEM-focused student, a current or past STEM professional looking to pursue a new path, or even as a total lay person with an interest in technology, the STEMreps program was designed to help you. With a network of medical, engineering, research, and business contacts, STEMreps know and learn the channels to access lucrative and hard to access careers in STEM. Our team has designed and implemented a unique program that addresses these needs through hands-on training opportunities and educational enhancement, while also enabling new INCOME as a cool side gig or as your main gig!

NOTE: THIS IS NOT multi-level marketing. You are not paid to recruit others nor are you paid off of any other’s work.  Every member owns their own success!  THIS IS for those with technical aptitude and interests in growing their knowledge and skillsets in new, exciting, and lucrative fields.

STEMreps Programs


“a lil STEM goes a long way”

Our “entry-level” associates, advocates can be non-tech “lay people” who use the program to actively engage with new technology and new skills that will improve their marketability and broad-based STEM knowledge in biotechnology and healthcare. Advocates are enthusiastic supporters of STEM and commit to our Premise Promise!   They can also earn thru a simple system that largely relies on personal references and casual interactions. They will support advances in healthcare and research through simple referrals for our STEM technologies and applications.

For example: A certified nursing assistant who is also a STEMrep Advocate is working in a large nursing home that has recently been overrun with a C. Diff outbreak.  She speaks to her nurse manager about our cutting edge anti-microbial solutions for healthcare facilities and refers her manager’s name for a call.  When that home adopts our solution, this rep can earn a one-time bonus, and have the pleasure of solving a serious problem for the nursing home using a safe, STEMsmart solution!

The details:

5 hours of self-driven Advocate Training included on a number of STEM technologies and on the field of technical account management.  Includes exams and assignments.

You define your time and commitment!

Great for casual earnings and add-on income!

One-time bonuses can be earned for leads and sales (no residual bonuses).

Certificate of Completion earned

$25 training program fee.  Once training is completed:  $25/year for access to STEMreps programs and training, updates, and materials.

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“STEM-focus to Flourish!”

Premise Force reps receive the full training on several STEM technologies, healthcare and research applications, with specialization in one or more, as well as in-depth business account management training. For this role, we seek STEM STUDENTS FOR INTERNSHIPS, ANY CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS (nursing assistants, pharm techs, lab personnel, etc.) and those with a 2 or 4 year degree (NURSES, RESEARCHERS, TECHNICIANS, EMT, TEACHERS, etc.).  Qualified reps LEARN and interact with professionals and industry experts at local labs, pharmacies, universities, biotech research facilities, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, fitness centers and more. Trained to specialize on an area of STEM, each Premise Force rep can enjoy residual monthly commissions on sales and service that result from their leads.  Ultimately, the rep’s only responsibilities are to adhere to the Premise Promise, introduce new concepts and sound the clarion call about access to important STEM applications.

Example 1: STEM reps Premise Force rep goes out and meets three daycare owners one morning and sends up three leads for our one of a kind hand sanitizer and soaps with stands and automatic dispensers.  When those sites order solutions, this STEMrep will receive a bonus every time they reorder as long as you remain a STEMrep!  Premise Force reps can build a great income thru residual bonuses from orders. 

Example 2:  Premise Force rep does some internet research and finds that the local technical university has just hired on a specialist in bioengineering for their new department focusing on bioengineering.  The rep loads the researcher’s info into STEMbot (our Virtual Assistant), sends her an introductory contact, perhaps a visit and passes this on to the Solutions Specialist.  After connecting with the researcher, a Solutions Specialist finds the researcher is interested in 3D bioprinting applications. Premise Force rep may accompany him to a meeting with the researcher and further presentations with the researcher’s lab team.  The rep may play a role in presentations and sit thru the high-level negotiations with department and university leadership, gaining valuable connections and experience.  When our great solutions have saved the day and the university acquires a 3D Bioprinter for their new application, the rep is also credited!  

The details:

10 hours of self-driven Premise Force training on STEM technology and applications, STEMreps Account Management and STEMbot Virtual Sales Team

Great for college job or those wanting to make their own schedule or be their own boss

Certificate of Completion

Unlimited residual monthly income and opportunity available

$50 application and training fee (waived for STEMreps internship graduates)

After qualifying, Premise Force reps pay an access fee of just $15/month OR ($152 annually) for extended training and educational materials, change management, and access to our network.

STEMreps Intern Member

“Get Your Life!”

The details:

Same as Premise Force training


$27 application and training fee

Certificate of Completion

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STEMreps Solutions Specialists

Our Solutions Specialists roles are only open to existing businesses, LLC’s, experienced technical account executives. Leveraging the talent and experience of their team members, Solutions Specialists provide trusted consultation and proven technology solutions to universities, pharmacies, biotech, CRO’s, healthcare facilities, and many more specialized environments.

The details:

  • Application and Interview process
  • $300.00 Yearly access fee to leverage our trained reps and network, can be waived after 1st year
  • Training available, as needed
  • Great exposure to sales management to enhance resume and experience
  • Leadership role
  • Allows existing businesses to expand their products and markets using STEMreps solutions
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Structured to facilitate future job placement in STEM-based careers, every position at STEMreps promises to improve life and work skills, allowing you the potential of making higher income levels and very positive impacts on various industries that rely on good and credible STEM! Considering all of the applications that STEMreps touch, YOU can literally change the face of medicine, improve the lives of many, extend technology where it is strongly needed, save or generate revenues in research and care, and improve environmental conditions!

Find out more about the incredible opportunities we have created for driven and creative STEM professionals by contacting our team now!